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Serving subcontractors and companies who use success strategies to address issues ranging from cash management to HR compliance. Ideally suited for companies who recognize their greatest resource is their people and who are looking for ways to effectively engage that resource.  

During this period of limited resources and with the advent of information technology, many organizations need assistance in making the transition to participative management. Two highly-requested consulting services are strategic planning and organizational redesign in which Conflict Management, Facilitating Focus Groups and Diversity are key components. Fostering an organizational climate that values and welcomes difference and challenge is essential to enhancing staff involvement. Understanding the value of a staff development program, and the ability to assess where and how to strengthen one is key to determining the success of the program. Some of the topics we explore are:

Understanding Organizational Cultures -

An exploration how organizational culture is created, maintained, evaluated, and changed.

Cross-Cultural Communication -

Key theories to enhance the ability to understand and articulate cultural variables.

Organizational Development and Effectiveness -

A follow-up workshop to Understanding Organization Cultures that provides more in-depth study of specific cultures in order to leverage unique strengths and capabilities

Teambuilding and Compensation Design -

Ways to design compensation systems that promote teamwork and minimize distractions related to pay equity

Career Pathing and Career Advancement Training -

Ways to identify career opportunities within organizations that more closely reflect career goals of individuals

360-Degree Profiling -

Various feedback instruments that enable individuals to be aware of how they are viewed by management, peers, and subordinates.

Results Through Diversity -

How to achieve corporate goals by leveraging the diversity within organizations.