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Don't Mistake Marketing with Sales and Advertising!

Both sales and advertising are two elements in the marketing arsenal. However, it is important to coordinate a well thought and planned marketing strategy that includes promotions, flyers, sponsorship, web sites, etc. in order to hit your business objectives. Although having a web presence can lead to increased sales at a relatively low cost, the true measure of an effective internet marketing strategy is one that solicits and responds to visitor comments. This not only generates initial sales leads but more importantly often results in repeat customers and referrals.

Our professionals consult with your firm directly showing you how to market your web site for top search engine placement. Increasing your website's targeted traffic and sales is an ultimate goal but we also focus on understanding the factors that impact them. We consult with you on how to monitor your placement, target your online audience, and strategically link your web site all over the net within your industry and region. In some cases we provide telephone consultation but more often we recommend using the power of the web to enable electronic communication as a mobile professional. Our offerings range from hourly consultation to turnkey e-commerce where Multas actually manages your online sales either through placement in our marketplace or linking through our shopping cart. The Marketplace brings Networks, Cooperative Marketing, and Relationship Marketing into the 21st century using the electronic medium of the internet. Our growing list of merchant partners brings a vast array of products and services.

STARS Services (Staffing Agency)
Roseann Marie's Nostalgic Tin Signs
Granted, Inc. (Business Plan Developer)
S. H. Stevens (LD Specialist)
Arkwright, Inc (Commercial Plumbing Contractor)
Professional Administrative Services