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WEB HOSTING FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Website Hosting?

To host a website means that the web page files and graphic images are stored on the "Host" server. Typically a web page with several graphic images requires around 300K. Thus, 5MB of storage would allow around 15 pages to be stored.

What is Domain Registration?

A domain name is a custom "Internet Address" for your site (for example, "Multas.Net"). Domain names are registered through InterNIC/Network Solutions. When a domain name is registered, the "Domain Name Server" (DNS) must be provided to InterNIC which identifies the "host" on which the domain will reside and where the email sent to that domain is handled. Domain names are not case-sensitive, but they can not contain special characters (such as @,#,&, etc.). Most domain names have the extension ".com" (commercial sites), ".net" (network access sites), or ".org" (non-profit organizations). The extensions ".edu" and ".gov" are reserved for educational institutions and government agencies.

What are the benefits of having a Web Site?

The main advantage to having a web site is to give your business or interests worldwide exposure. Potential clients or subscribers can learn about you or your company in an interactive medium which enables them to respond immediately by placing an order on-line or sending you an email for more information. Since the world wide web operates 24hours/day and 7 days/week, a professionally-designed internet presence is like having a "salesperson who never sleeps", showing off your products, information, and most of all "taking orders and subscriptions".

How does a Web Site compare to the "Yellow Pages", ads in magazines, or commercials?

The biggest advantage is cost!!! Internet advertising reaches the largest audience for the least cost. However, in addition to cost, having your own web site offers you the ability to make updates more frequently than "Yellow Pages" or other advertising media. Therefore, "special announcements" need not wait until the "next issue" or "next airing" to be seen by your market.

Additionally, do not underestimate the interactive benefit of the internet. Having the ability to reply immediately or even place an order is something that put enterprises such as the "Home Shopping Network" at the forefront in sales. In addition, you can secure demographic and contact information about your customers which enables you to keep them updated with newsletters and email announcements in the future.

Finally, your business or venture is positioned for the 21st century. The internet is barely a decade old and has already grown faster than all other subscription media COMBINED. It is truly "the wave of the future" and advances in bandwidth technology will someday make it as common as the television and as necessary as the telephone.

Can I have a Web Site even if I'm not connected to the Internet?

Yes you can! But it's like having an ad in the "Yellow Pages" without having a telephone. Your website could simply list your mailing address and telephone (or fax) number. However, being connected to the internet enables you to send/receive email which is quickly becoming the preferred method of communicating versus postal because not only does it save postage, the delivery times are much faster.

Why pay to have a Web Site hosted by MULTAS.Net rather than hosted on a free site?

Many "free sites" restrict content or do not allow commercial sites. They also often require banner advertisements or annoying "pop-up" screens. Still others require that all sites in their domain be created with their "site builder" program which (although very useful for beginners) is also sometimes too restrictive for adding animation and other "bells and whistles".

By hosting with MULTAS.Net, the only restriction is "No adult content sites allowed". In addition, (unlike many "free sites") a unique domain name (i. e. www.yourname.com) can be registered with interNic and be accessed without a long prefix before yourname with our Basic Virtual account.